I've done a major revision of the train game. Version 3 is basically a rebuild done in the latest GB Studio (version 3.0.3).
As such, I've tweaked a few things but also added some new features:

  • Parallax scrolling on the landscape pages
  • Calculates your score when you finish the game (and keeps track of high scores based on previous saved games
  • Enemies in the Cloud game now track your position (for some more interesting game play)
  • Tweaked the 'controls' page (easier to skip and better to read)
  • More natural control options included for keyboards (ctrl & alt were already possible but not described)
  • Tweaks to dialogs (less text, …)
  • Tweaks to speed and interactions in various places


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Mar 25, 2022
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Mar 25, 2022

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